AMMA offers long-term cooperation in wholesale deliveries of pet products to dealers and wholesalers, retail clients and network pet stores, veterinary clinics, online stores and breeding nursery – to all interested in developing and expanding their business.


We work towards long-term, stable, and mutually beneficial business relations, so we are ready to support you across all stages of your business development.


Advertising support
and promotional support

order processing

Precise observance
delivery time


Training seminar
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Documentary aspect

Cooperation with new customers begins with the signing a Supply Contract, which establishes the rights and obligations of the parties, as well as the financial terms and conditions of cooperation.

The contract and appendixes thereto will be prepared by the dedicated specialist managing your account.

You can learn more about the terms and conditions of the cooperation from the Sales Department specialist. Call the company's office: +7 (499) 705-03-55 or complete the registration form on the website.

Documents required from legal entities:

  1. Certificate of State Registration of a Legal Entity (Primary State Reg. No. - OGRN) or a record sheet on the establishment of a legal entity.
  2. Certificate of Registration with the Tax Authority at the location in the territory of the Russian Federation (Taxpayer ID No. - INN).
  3. The Charter of the legal entity with information on the powers of the Director of the legal entity + the last page of the Charter with the seal of the Federal Tax Service.
  4. Founder's Resolution / Minutes of the General Meeting of Founders on the appointment of the Director of the legal entity. 
  5. Power of Attorney for the person signing the contract (if the contract is not signed by the Director of the legal entity).
  6. Passport of the Director of a legal entity (first sheet and residence registration sheet) (optional document).
  7. Customer data sheet (made on the Company’s form).
  8. Additional documents required from suppliers:
    1. A valid lease agreement for non-residential premises / certificate of ownership of non-residential premises / extract from the Unified State Register.
    2. Notification of the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate about the possibility of using the simplified tax system, if any.
    3. Notification on tax registration of a separate subdivision (if any).
    4. A statement of good faith of the counterparty made on the Company’s form.
    5. A copy of the license (issued by self-regulatory organization) or other permits, if necessary.

Documents required from individual entrepreneurs:

  1. An individual entrepreneur's passport (first sheet and residence registration sheet).
  2. Certificate of registration of an individual with the tax authority (Taxpayer ID No. - INN).
  3. Certificate of state registration of an individual as an individual entrepreneur or a record sheet on acquiring the status of an individual entrepreneur (Primary State Registration Number of an Individual Entrepreneur - OGRNIP). 
  4. Notarized power of attorney for the person signing the contract (if the contract is not signed by an individual entrepreneur). 
  5. Customer data sheet (made on the Company’s form).

Fair Business and Honest Guarantees

  • Complaints Handling. We are always ready to consider claims on supplies, if any. Disputes over quality, quantity and range in customer orders will be considered by dedicated Complaints Department, which will accept your claim, sort out the situation and provide you with a feedback.
  • Return and Exchange of Goods. It is possible to return or exchange a quality product, within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery, if the original packaging is not broken, the product is suitable for further sale, has no damage, pollution, traces of use and is in working order. If we find a defective product (having hidden manufacturing defects) in the delivery, we conduct a check on the customer's claim (for up to 10 calendar days), and in case of confirmation of a defect, we provide an exchange of a defective product, within the time frame agreed with the customer. In the absence of the required product in our stock, we refund the customer the cost of the paid defective product.
  • Warranty Period. You can submit your claims regarding a defective product, within the warranty period or the shelf life specified in the operating documents. The warranty for the operability of equipment or pieces of equipment connected to the electrical network (except for lamps) is one year from the date of sale (to the end customer). Detailed warranty terms are described in the user instructions for all electrical equipment.
  • Delivery. We provide free delivery of customer orders in Moscow and Moscow Oblast, as well as free delivery to carriers and places of transshipment subject to complying with a minimum order amount.
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